Understanding Our Weather Station

(NB: Weather station equipment has been removed indefinitely)


Our weather station can be accessed directly using a Web Browser of your choice.

To access our Weather Station directly type the following in your Web Browser's URL field:



Please note that the Weather Station will not be accessible between the hours of 8:00PM and 8:00AM until we add more solar panels to recharge the battery. If you are unable to access the Weather Station directly, use the Wunderground web site (see URL below).


Below is an captured image of our stations web server page followed with explanations of the various fields.


Our Weather Station also pushes the captured data to the very popular Wundergroud network of Personal Weather Stations (PWS).

Our station is identified as: IALBERTA576 with Irricana as the weather station name.

WUnderground will log all our data and display it in historical views of “daily, weekly, monthly and yearly”.

You also have the option of displaying or not certain graphs.


Use the following link to access our Station’s Web page at Wunderground:



WUnderground also provides two free applications available on the Apple Store:

  • Weather Underground: Forecasts, Interactive Radar, and Weather Alerts

  • WunderStation – weather from your neighborhood weather stations


Your IP address is

  • This field is meant to discourage hackers from making trouble

CRAMS Field Location

  • GPS coordinates at the intersection of the two runways

Field Altitude

  • Altitude at the intersection of both runways (GPS derived)

North-South Runway (2016 GPS reading)

  • Magnetic orientation of north-south runway

East-West Runway

  • Magnetic orientation of east-west runway

Wind Direction

  • Under Now column: Last reading of wind direction

  • Under 2 minute Average column: average wind direction during the last two minutes

Wind Speed

  • Under Now column: Last reading of wind speed

  • Under 2 minute Average column: average wind speed during the last two minutes

Wind Gust (reset hourly)

  • Under now column: Highest wind gust in the last hour

  • Under the 10 min Average column: Average wind gusts over last 10 minutes

Wind Gust Direction (reset hourly)

  • Under now column: Highest Wind gust direction in the last hour

  • Under the 10 min Average column: Average wind direction over last 10 minutes

Outside Temperature

  • High precision temperature sensor (DHT22) somewhat shielded from direct sunlight and rain on WS post

Outside Humidity

  • High precision Relative Humidity sensor (DHT22) somewhat shielded from direct sunlight and rain on WS post

  • Used to calculate Relative Humidity, Dew Point and Heat Index

Heat Index (°C)

  • What the temperature really feels like considering relative humidity

Dew Point

  • Dew Point calculation using the NOAA’s very high precision formula

Rain (Last Hour)

  • Precipitation in millimetres for the last hour

Daily Rain

  • Rain precipitation accumulation for the day so far.

Mean Sea Level Pressure

  • Barometric pressure reading at the field’s altitude converted to sea level pressure using actual temperature at field’s altitude and assuming a standard lapse rate

Pressure Altitude

  • Altitude as per the current Air Density and temperature readings calculation of altitude using current barometric pressure

Barometric Pressure Rate Of Change (ROC)

  • Rate of change of barometric pressure readings for last hour, two hours and three hours

Seacan Temperature (°C)

  • Temperature inside the Weather Station Controller chassis

Battery Voltage

  • Actual 12 Volt battery charge levels. Used to monitor the effectiveness of the solar panel and if necessary swap battery with fresh battery

Reset Time 

  • Date/Time when the Weather Station’s controller was last restarted. (software update or battery swap)

Requests Since Reset

  • Number of Web Server request since the controller was last restarted

Firmware Version

  • Version of Firmware currently running on our Master Controller

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